Spirits are talking are you listening?

Did you know that we all have the Ability to speak to the dead? You don’t have to have years of training to do this. I don’t claim to be the expert on the subject matter. But I do spend a good amount time trying to quiet my mind and in that quiet time a devote that moment to pray to the Lord. I don’t claim to be an ordained minister but I am a follower of Jesus and I am a spiritual person I believe that we all are called to be spiritual people were just too busy or too selfish or you fill in the blank to commit to something that’s larger than ourselves God created us to think for ourselves. God also gave us a lot of abilities that he didn’t exactly show us how to use. You hear about humans who have this uncanny strengthen this ability to foresee events before they happen. If we just quiet our minds and open up to the universe we too can for see things that may be coming in the future or the ability to transform ourselves into the past and feel what’s somebody from the 1800s felt. My father recently passed away on December 14, 2014. I felt his pain the couple days before his last few hours. I felt this heaviness in my heart the same feeling he was having as he was having trouble breathing I’m sure it’s not close to the pain he was having. Some acts of God just can’t be explained. On the show the dead files Amy Allan has this ability to talk to the dead. During her show she’s able to feel the pain and suffering that some of the victims felt. she also can touch the objects and transfer herself back in time. We all have the ability we just don’t use it. I have read in a scientific study of the brain that we only use a small portion about 20% of our brains so what’s that other 80% used for? I am working on a book titled the portal in this story we cover a lot of fictional ideas that intertwine a lot of truth that we know. One of the truths that we know is the government does not want us to no secrets especially when it comes to you ufo technology. Fine I get that we don’t want the Russians to find out all of our military plans. But according to Bob Lazar The government has flying saucer technology in their hangers buried deep in the earth. Why doesn’t the government share this technology that we could possibly use in our industry to improve our aerodynamics or improve our space shuttle missions it’s all about money it’s all about power the government wants to control all the money and all the power isn’t that what starts revolutions when the government become so powerful. The portal is about a new freedom, a gateway to a new world that may hold the truths to our human origin.