Lego ghost starship and the phantom from Star Wars Rebels

We stayed up til 1 am building this awesome Lego set. Both ships came in separate boxes I think over 2000 pieces total. Comes with all the rebels mini figures. Pictured below are my sons Max and Garrett. Huge Star Wars fans 


Star Wars Celebration: Co-creator Dave Filoni will tease ‘Rebels’ Season 2

Dave Filoni will be attending all four days of Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, but that’s not because he has nothing to do. Far from it. The co-creator, supervising director and executive producer of “Star Wars Rebels” is still in the midst of creating that show’s second season. But the light is visible at the end of the tunnel.

“The finale scripts just came in, so I’ve been planning how the end of it is going to go,” Filoni said in a recent phone conversation. “But it’s always working on the whole thing at one time, from beginning to end. What’s nice is that you can see the whole thing now and make plans on episodes still in production to make things more worthwhile.”

Star Wars Celebration: Trailer unveiled | Watch the live stream | Fans gather | Preview

Production on the second season is still underway, but the show’s season premiere is finished and ready for presentation. Filoni will be giving fans a screening of the episode along with a repeat showing of the two-part first season finale during the convention. And he has plans for a whole bunch of surprises during the show’s panel with members of the cast on Saturday morning.

Plot details of season one finale of Star Wars Rebels “fire across the galaxy”

Rebels have surfaced, revealing the presence of three key recurring characters. Meanwhile, an art piece made for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim includes a rather intriguing detail.

Yakface uploaded a scan of March’s issue of Star Wars Insider, which features a few details about the last episode of Star Wars Rebels‘s first season: click the link to read the details.


It will not be released a week in advance on the Disney XD app, unlike previous episodes. I’m guessing that this is because they want to ensure that the maximum amount of people will be watching the episode on television when it hits. It’s also likely that they don’t want to give away who Fulcrum is in advance (and as the scan suggests, Fulcrum’s identity is not revealed in-issue), even though it’s been all but confirmed that she’s Ahsoka from the work of dilligent fan sites – but more on that later.

A lesson about the Kyber Crystals

The Midi-Chlorian Center

The episode of Star Wars Rebels‘Path of the Jedi’ showed Ezra getting his Kyber Crystal to build his lightsaber.

If you want to know more about these crystals and lightsabers you need to watch Star Wars The Clone Wars 05×06 The Gathering and 05×07 A Test of Strength. These two episodes tell you everything you need to know about Kyber Crystals and how Jedi build their lightsabers.
The jedi younglings get their Kyber Crystals on Illum at a Jedi Temple:

You can see these old statues and also spot the signs of the Force first seen in the Mortis arc:

In order to get their crystals, they need to face their fears on their own :
Byph is araid of monsters:

For Gungi the water:
Each crystal is unique and only the jedi to whom it belongs can see it :

After getting their crystal the younglings need to…

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Star Wars Rebels call to action

Star wars rebels Call to action

The following is from

From the opening moment, “Call to Action” had me. As Grand Moff Tarkin arrived on Lothal aboard an Imperial Shuttle, with troopers lined up and waiting, all the while accompanied by the “Imperial March,” I was overjoyed. The only two other characters in canon who have had the same style of entrance have been Darth Vader and the Emperor, and it was a great way to instantly place Tarkin on those guys’ level for long time fans while giving him one heck of an introduction for those who have only recently discovered the saga.

It doesn’t hurt that Tarkin lived up to his grand opening, instantly establishing himself as dominant among the villains we’ve had in the show thus far, putting Kallus, the Inquisitor, and Maketh Tua (aka “Hat Lady”) in their places. But he also backed his verbal lashing with action, proving to his subordinates via Commandant Aresko and Taskmaster Grint just how unwilling he was to tolerate failure. It was a chilling scene, one that harkened back to some of Star Wars darker’ moments, and which simultaneously thrilled and unnerved me. Having such ruthlessness on display upped the stakes considerably, and I felt it throughout the entire episode.

Which brings me to Kanan. I know that Freddie Prinze Jr. has said they’re recording the second season of Rebels and it’s almost twice as long, but I actually thought a few times during the final act, “Are they going to kill off Kanan?!” (spoiler: they don’t). It’s a testament to the Rebels team that they successfully set up a situation where there was a viable threat introduced early on and then framed the heroes’ infiltration of the communications tower in such a way that the whole event had weight and felt of consequence. When things started going bad for the Ghost’s crew, it was easy to believe that they all might not make it out alive (spoiler: they do) and the most likely victim was the Jedi.

The cute puppy is my latest painting it’s what i do. Love being a artist.