Nostradamax – the awakening chapter 1

My brother Max – Original story by Drew Norman
Told from narrative from his younger brother Garrett
Movie is set in 1986. Small midwestern town. A 14 year old boy named Max discovers that his drawings somehow come to life. I dont mean in a animated cartoon like Mickey Mouse. But what this kid draws happens in the present. For Example he draws a bear with 3 heads and we hear on the news some guy about got eaten by a 3 headed bear. How is this possible? We discover later in the story that Max has some sort of abilities due to the fact that he is Autistic and his brain is very high functioning in most areas and poor in other like language and social skills. (this was before they even knew what Aspergers was). 
Max and I live with our MOM. My mom and dad split when I was a very young. He wanted a career in Airforce so he purused that. He lives in a bigger city. I dont blame him. I would leave to if I had a cool job lined up. Dad flew test planes for the Air force. I remember going to visit him and he would let us sit in the cockpit. Well Max didnt like doing that but I had a blast. Max was afraid of alot of things in the outside world Noise being one of them so a air force base was kinda loud so Max would bring his headphones and listen to his Prince music which helped calm him down. My brother was diagnosed with Autism when he was 6. OK well on with these incredible story about my brother. You see Max never told anyone not even mom about his powers. 
Max has always had artistic ability which surprised everyone since nobody in our family can draw a lick. One day Max was drawing this little robot character he loves Sci Fi. Lost in Space, Star Trek, Star Wars you name it he loved it always used his favorite pencil which mom got for him from this old antique shop that no longer in business today. I remember that day well Max was having one of his meltdowns so I ran into his room to see what was the matter. Max showed me his drawing then he opened his closet door and out flew this little robot almost looked a metallic bird it was flying all around the room hovering in mid air. Alright Max thats kinda cool so you drew one of your toys. Max was upset I wasn’t getting the seriousness of the situation. See Max could not speak he has always struggled with speech so he wrote down what he was trying to communicate to me. THIS IS NOT A TOY… Its real!!
I still didnt believe it so I tried to catch the little guy.. And kept flying away from me.. So I was like ok who is hiding the remote controller… Max went to his drawing board and erased the drawing 

Thats when the shit hit the FAN OMG the robot just started to vanish right before my eyes.
How did you do that Max? He just shrugged his shoulders… He quickly jotted down on his note pad. YOU CANT TELL MOM?
OK OK I wont… But can I tell Billie and the guys at School?
HELL NO Max replied. Some words he could say…

So my mom works at the school in cafeteria which is where all the action happens at school. So it kinda sucks cause I have to behave when I am in school or MOM will hear about it. Max has a special tutor to help with his shyness and lack of social skills but the kid is a genius in School Straight A’s since Kindergarten. He is actually going to start taking College course as a Freshman in High School which is pretty impressive. Max didnt have many friends. He had one he was a huge Star Wars nerd named Drew. 
My dad would get us on the weekends when he was not flying and we had a great we would go to Ballpark watch games, bike trails, Bowling, Movies we had loads of fun…Dad always wanted to take me up in a plane when I was old enough.
Dads disappearance
But about 6 years ago. Dad was on a test mission and he didnt come back. This devastated us both especially Max he and dad really connected both being huge art lovers and all. The Military never recovered the plane or Dads body…. Those 6 years of not knowing were rough on MOM as well she has had to play the part of both parents and dealing with Max is tough. He doesnt like change. Anything thats not part of his routine is a struggle for him. They say its part of his Autism. I did some reading on it and the type of spectrum that Max fits into is unknown at this time. I asked mom is there anybody in our family that has Autism? mom replied not that I know of. MOM has been in this foggy state of depression ever since dad went missing. I think there was never any closer which is why she is the way she is. We are concerned for her. We all miss him even though they divorced many years ago she somehow still cares for him.
She has not really got on with her life at all. I mean shes a great mom and all shes always there for us.

One day Max was drawing Space Shuttle for his School Project. One thing Max started to learn about his abilitys was if he didnt complete the drawing it didnt fully come to life. So He drew everything on the shuttle but didnt draw the solid rocket boosters.
The Shuttle Disaster

The News report could be heard all thru the school. Space Shuttle Challenger exploded in mid Flight all 7 astronauts on board including a school teacher were killed instantly.

The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred on January 28, 1986, when the NASA Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, leading to the deaths of its seven crew members, … Wikipedia

Date: January 28, 1986

Number of deaths: 7
There near Maxs drawing was the number 7 and 73.
The deaths took the lives of 7 Americans and happened 73 seconds into the flight. Max secret just hit a whole new level of Freakin weird. I knew what must be done. I had to destroy that drawing so Max would never know he may have been the cause of this accident. It would crush Max if he made the connection. 

I debated for hours should I talk to MOM about this before Max draws something else and someone gets killed. Then the thought dawned on me. What if Max could use his powers to find our Dad. What if Max could use his power to help police find missing people or prevent something bad from happening before it happens. Was Max a kind of Fortune teller? Or did he simply draw what came into his head? Altering the future could be a bad thing as it could screw up the nature of balance in the universe. Whoah that getting too deep.
Getting Max’s sketch book 
was going to be a tough task but it had to be done. I waited for Max to fall asleep then only then would I be able to grab his book without him noticing. I ran into the bathroom flipped on the light and started flipping thru his drawing. I noticed that none of them were completed. I grabbed a stack of newspapers and just started flipping thru seeing if any news items matched his drawings. I couldnt find anything. So it got me thinking is it the paper he is using or the pencils are somehow cursed with powers.
Finding the pencil maker. I asked mom if she knew the family that owned that store where she got all Max art supplies and she said they were this Indian family nobody knew much about them. I knew one of their kids went to our school. So I arranged a time after school for max and I to talk with the guy. We didn’t tell mom about us meeting the guy. The old Indian man knew we were coming he actually lived in a tee pee beside this beat up old trailer. We sat down max was did not like being there the young girl was our translator her grandpa didn’t speak English at all. My grandpa wonders why you are here. Well I explained the story about Max’s ability. Grandpa reached out and touched Max’s hand the old man knew Max was special. He responded this boy is a prophet you have the gift inside you… it’s not in your pencil it’s not in your paper you were chosen by the Gods to have this power Max responded in a soft tone I am? With this power comes much responsibility. Max how long have you been able to this? Garrett chimes in no let Max speak the old man exclaimed. Every since my dad went missing. Ah I see they are somehow connected.
Max has been been working on a video game idea for many years. A lot of his drawings are characters from that game. So somewhere in the world his game is real and alive. Which scares me.
Whoah I hope max is game is non violent .
I am still debating if I should tell mom. Or continue to hide this power max has. What would she do? I am worried she will overreact as always


I feel like we are being watched

[On Achto island: A Black first order probe droid pops it head up out of the water]

[Hux is on the bridge of the Finalizer]

Hux: To a commanding officer. Has the probes brought back anything?

First Order officer: Yes sir we found them

Hux: Good I will inform Ren. [Contacts Ren on a Hologram image]

Ren we found them I am sending their coordinates now

Kylo: Excellent I have been waiting for this. I will summon The Knights of Ren to join me.

Hux: Dont fail this time Ren. Supreme leader Snoke wants the girl alive. Kill skywalker.

[Rey and Luke sense trouble.]

[Rey pushes the throttle forward the falcon speeds toward the mainland Achto away from the Island.]

Rey: I think we were tracked by a probe droid.

Luke: Yes I felt it as well

Luke: Artoos, scanners are pick up two ships [to himself] This does not look good.

Rey: [to Luke] We can handle them. [She pulls out her Staff and they both head down the ramp.]

Luke: You are going to need this back [Hands her the Blue Lightsaber][She sticks the staff into the ground]

Luke: Chewie, keep your eyes open. [They land near a grassy plain AHCH-TO Mainland]…. [Kylo Ren’s ship is landing.]

[It’s dark and raining hard, just like in Rey’s vision in TFA] [Luke and Rey walk down the ramp to a grassy field overlooking the water] This is the site of the Old Dead Tree we have seen on the real set.

Luke: [draws his green lightsaber] You will pay for what you did. [He uses the Force to hurl huge rocks and crushes two of the knights]

[Kylo’s ship is just landed – 3 knights come down the ramp of Kylos ship.. Ren is right behind them.]

Kylo Ren: I see you have reunited with your  scavenger daughter, whom you abandoned.

Luke: Stand behind me Rey..[ Luke and Rey stand back to back each one looking out for the other]

Kylo: [sneers] Leader Snoke just wants the girl. Its time for you to die my old master.

[Kylo extends his hand and throws a lightening bolt over to Luke. Which sends Luke flying back]

Rey: Master you have become old and weak

Luke: Ben You will pay for what you did.

[Lukes uses the force push and throws 2 huge boulders that crush 2 of the knights]

Kylo: Stop calling me Ben that name has no meaning for me..

Rey draws her saber and attacks one of Knights.

Artoo senses sees that they are in trouble and alerts Chewie to shoot his under belly canons toward the knights.

Rey sense this and leaps into the air to avoid the laser canon fire which takes out the knight.

Kylo sees his 3 dead knights and retreats back to his Ship. He flys low and sends a few laser Canons back at the Hutts in the distance. Chewie send a blast his way but Kylo force freezes it.

Kylo: [You have been taught well..Rey only Rey hears is voice]


Star Wars Episode 8 – Balance in the Force – Fan Film by Drew Norman



After the Resistance victory and destruction of Starkiller Base, Kylo Ren recovers from his injuries sustained in the lightsaber duel with Rey. He retreats to secret space station where Leader Snoke is kept alive. Kylo Ren and Von meet. Von (aka Ezra Bridger) helps complete is training. Snoke has a plot to capture General Leia and force Lukes hand in attempt to bring him our of hiding.On the Island planet called Ahch-to Rey and Luke Skywalker the last of the jedi begin their quest to find the ancient Jedi Temple in hopes to rebuild the Jedi order. General Leia back on the resistance base is in a intense meeting with leaders of the New REPUBLIC discussing how they will begin the rebuilding process..Poe Dameron and Finn (aka FN-2187) Fly A B-Wing to Bespin home world of smuggler, card player scoundrel  Lando Calrissian who has many connections with allies all across the outer rim territories. They meet Landos daughter. They are on a special mission from General Leia to recruit more soldiers to the resistance cause. Lando gave them some intel about some Rogue StormTroopers on Ryloth who might be interested in defecting to the resistance.


[Millenium Falcon flys in low then lands…Rey makes her long journey up the steps] [Luke turns with the hood up and swiftly pushes the hood down to reveal a much older wiser Jedi master]

Luke: [smiles] Keep it. You earned it walking up all those steps to meet me. [laughs]

Rey: Thank you, Luke, but I can’t accept this saber. It belongs to you.

Luke: You saw a force vision when you held the lightsaber… [His face lights up]

Rey: [Pauses before she answers then looks down at the saber in her hand]  Yes, it did, It startled me at first… Then I saw many visions but the one I recall the most was when I saw these dark knights and Ren was there… I was so laying of the ground it was dark and raining.

[Luke takes the saber from Rey’s hands with a gentle force pull. The saber floats over to him.]

[Holds lightsaber].

Luke: This lightsaber belonged to my father, Anakin, when he was a Jedi.

Luke: Come with me.

Luke: I have been on this Island a long time you must excuse my manners… Do you want something to Drink. Rey..

Rey: How do you know my name?

Luke: I have have been watching you all your life thru the power of the Force.

Luke: Watch your step the terrain here is a little tricky. I know these old bones can barely make it up and down these damn steps

[Rey follows Luke down a narrow rocky path. They walk past many large ancient huts and ruins from over a thousand years ago. Ach-to was a sanctuary to many jedi master who came to be one with the force and meditate.]

Rey: Tell me more about your father.

Luke narrates this story: Anakin grew up a slave on tatooine and rose to power very quickly. He was the youngest member every elected to the Jedi council. In Anakins quest to save his wife Padman from certain death. He was made to believe the dark-side had super-natural powers to cheat death. Anakin was seduced by the Dark lord of the sith and became Darth Vader.

It was many many years ago during the Battle of Endor when I accepted the truth that he was my father so I surrendered to him. I knew there was still good in him and that I could save him.

[Reys Eye are fixed on every word that Luke is saying]

By the end of the battle War. My father turned back to the light side of the force and destroyed the Emperor. He sacrificed his life to save mine.. I can remember that last words my father said to me he said Luke help me take this mask off. I want to look on you with my own eyes” Darth Vader died in my arms we burned his body on Endor.

Rey: Luke will you train me to be a Jedi?

[Luke stops and turns around he takes Rey by the shoulders]

Luke: I will be honest Rey I have fallen away from the Jedi I used to be.
When Ben Solo turned to the darkside. I vowed to stop training.

Luke: Theres little you can learn from me. You handled yourself well on Starkiller base.

Rey: Theres so much I can learn from you Luke.



Reys force vision kids n tree

Rey Luke Force Ghost Yoda force vision FLASH Back

[Meditation Scene with Luke, and Yoda and Rey on Ahch-to. Luke and Yoda give Rey a glimpse of the past through a vision, which the article details. Luke and Yoda use Farsight]

Luke: Rey, I know you have many questions about your family. And you must know the truth…

Rey: What truth?


Yoda: A secret the Jedi council was hiding

Yoda: Arrogant we became.

Luke: Rey, take my hand. This may feel strange.

[Luke and Rey enter a dark chamber. Theres a single skylight illuminating the room.]

Rey: Where are we?

Luke: We are in the past.

Force Vision – Shorter version
“They see two children playing near a tree on an alien planet. The boy noticed that he had greater strength and intuition when he was closer to this tree. The girl noticed that the tree also made her brother increasingly angry. One day an argument breaks out between the children, and the boy kills the girl. The boy touches the tree and is ‘transformed’. He kills his parents and leaves the planet. Meanwhile, the girl is revealed to be alive, transformed by the tree as well, using her power to start the first Jedi Order.”

The scene continues to play out where the girl explains the force can be used for good and evil and one day, she would return (as a boy or girl) and she should be trained. Luke says the Jedi have been searching for the reincarnated one for a millennia and for a time, they thought Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader was “The One” who would restore balance to the force.

Luke: Rey… the Jedi Order spent millennia in secret seeking out the One. We identified children, trained millions of them to use the Force, but none of them turned out to be the One. We were wrong.. Our deception resulted in the Clone Wars.

Luke: The boy turned out to be my father, Anakin Skywalker, who later became Darth Vader. As you may know from legend he helped hunt down and kill nearly every living Jedi.

Luke: Rey, I want to take you to a new place.

[A new scene appears of a woman with red hair. (Mara Jade) Shes holding a small girl in her arms]

Rey: [tears come down Reys face]    That’s my mom?

Luke: Yes during happier times

Rey: Then why does she look so sad?

Luke: You had just been identified as strong with the Force. You left to begin your training but sadly never reached your destination, and the rest you know.



Some backstory about Mara Jade
Renouncing the dark side of the Force, Mara Jade trained as a Jedi under Kyle Katarn and at the Jedi Academy. Her loyalties to Talon Karrde’s organization remained strong, however; she aided his smuggling operations and hoped to take over his position one day.

Mara’s dormant Force abilities re-emerged after she encountered Luke Skywalker floating helpless in space in a damaged X-wing. Forced to suppress her desire to kill Luke so Karrde could collect a bounty on their captive, Mara soon found herself fighting with Luke against the Imperials.

Mara became pregnant with Rey during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Infected with a deadly Yuuzhan Vong disease, she was near death by the end of her pregnancy. However, she, Luke, and their newborn daughter, were able to join together and heal her through the power of the Force. Kylo and the knights of Ren killed all of Lukes Jedi younglings Mara was able to kill a few of them but she was fatally wounded and Luke let her pass away in peace to become one again with the force. Luke buried her near his village on Ach-to.

Luke: Your mother was very powerful in the light and darkside of the force. Her name was Mara Jade she worked for the Emperor Palpatine. She killed many Jedi but there was one Jedi who stopped her.

Luke: [turns toward Yoda] She is the last hope for the Jedi. I promise you, Master, I won’t fail. I won’t let Rey turn to the dark side.

Yoda: Begun it has. Time we have not. Until sunset we have to find the Jedi temple or consumed by the dark side she will be.

[Yoda fades away]