Vader’s Spawn

Love this now I need to go buy Bloodline. I am more hooked on your poetry my friend. Man you need to write for Lucasfilm story group. Give Pablo Hidalgo a run for his money

Forced Awake

Music spilled from the concert hall like cascades of a moonlit waterfall as Ben Solo mounted the steps and crossed the lantern-lit courtyard. He turned aside from the crowd and strode over to the balustrade to take in the panoramic view of the Naboo capital of Theed. He stood for a long moment, watching the concert-goers sweep around fountains and reflecting pools in the Palace Plaza and up the marble stairs to the university auditorium.

“What are you thinking?” Amanda Snoke said softly, coming up

Kylo Ren by TheRealMcGee Art Kylo Ren by TheRealMcGee Art

behind him and wrapping her arms around the young Jedi Knight. At twenty-three, he’d surpassed his father in height, but in her stylish boots, she was taller yet and stunningly beautiful in a mid-length dress of electric blue, her long blond hair festooned with tiny jewels.

“My grandparents stood here,” he answered absently as he opened himself up to the…

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