My Rey theory

Snoke used the dark side of the force to create Rey. He conjured the spirit of Anakin and took a egg from Mara Jade combined it with his sperm in a lab on Jakku. Mara then became pregnant with Rey gave birth before she married Luke. Snoke has been tampering with creation of life for hundreds of years thus caused a imbalance in the force. His plan is to harvest a new breed of dark Jedi. He is using Rey as an experiment. Snoke doesn’t realize that this awakening maybe his doom. There’s something very sinister stirring up in the galaxy far far away.
Mara Jade left a clue for Luke to discover inside his blue lightsaber as she wanted her daughter to someday know the truth about her family. Maz Kanata was the keeper if this secret when the time was right. Mara was the one who found lukes saber when she was in bespin


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