A hidden secret inside Lukes lightsaber


A crucial piece to the Rey parentage has been hidden inside lukes lightsaber for over 30 years. The message was meant for Luke only. It was Lor San Tekkas last transmission before he was killed by Kylo Ren. Lor San Tekka collected many Jedi artifacts. On his way back from one of his exporations near Bespin he found Luke saber floating in space. It was as if it wanted me to find it. Lor San Tekka created 3 pieces of data crucial to survival of the Jedi order.

  1. 2 parts of Map leading to Luke which were meant to keep in 2 droids Artoo and BB-8.
  2. Second was a secret message about a child something only Luke should read.

He knew the empire/first order were destroying all Jedi holocrons and mining all the cyber crystals across the galaxy to use in their new weapons. He was also the one who wanted the saber to be safely kept hidden away at Maz Kanata place.

Only a someone from the old church of Jedha “Jedi” can decode the message inside. So after Rey gets her cyber crystal discover the object. There’s writing on it that Luke nor Rey can translate.

Luke: I bet someone from the Jedi church can read this.

Luke: I wish Lor San Tekka was here. Damn it Ben why did you kill him?

kylo: luke dude you just butt dialed me i caught that whole conversation.

luke shit i need to take ben out of my contact list. doing that now.

ok i am bored when do i get to learn more force stuff?

Rey: Lets ask Maz Kanata if she can translate this.

Luke: Hans old buddy of course way to go Rey your powers serve you well. Takadana might still be occupied by first order. Let’s allow the force to locate her. Luke closes his eyes he tells Artoo to bring up the star map. Jedah she on the planet Jedha Chewie set your court for Jedha.

[Cut to Maz Kanata playing card with a table of sketchy looking aliens and one familiar gambler. Lando leans in from the shadows. Alright Maz show me your hand? The are playing Sabah. The scene is on a space casino orbiting the planet Jedha. Jedha is the home of the first church of the Jedi. Lando owns the casino won it on a lucky hand. Rey this place could get rough. I will go in you stay with Chewie. No Luke I need to learn so let’s go. I am ready for anything. There might be first order troops here. Maybe it will be good Jedi mind trick experience you.


Maz knows more about Rey now and what lies ahead of them. She knows Kylo Ren is looking for same artifacts. Maz and Luke have a moment alone. Luke why haven’t you told Rey the truth.

Luke: Maz I can’t right now I need her to focus on her training. When the time is right she will know the truth. So what brings you all the over here?

Maz we found this inside my lightsaber?

i-kanata-believe-it-will-star-wars-episode-8-reveal-maz-kanata-s-dark-side-802733Maz zooms in to read the small text in her native tongue.  Maz this is not good. Well it’s a partial message the middle has been taken out, Maz drops the piece into one of her droids try to clean this up. It’s very old. I see now this talks about how the Jedha found the force tree and the birth of the chosen one. This is the key you have been looking for Luke. The Dark and the lightside will be balanced by this savior.

Well I dont know about that. Luke you must take her to Jedha. There you will find a man named blah who is a Dark Jedi. He will test her.




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