What a piece of Junk – Luke Skywalker reunites with some old friends


[Rey realizes  they were walking and talking and by some magically portal they are back near the beach and see Millenium Falcon just up ahead]

Rey: How did you do that?

Luke: Ha Ha ..Shortcut …. old Jedi trick.
[Luke spot Chewie on top Falcon making some repairs]{Artoo has a fishing pole in his claw trying to catch something for dinner]

Luke: Hey Chewie… Artoo its good to see you both..

[Chewie turn his head and howls in joy to see his old friend. He climbs down and gives Luke a hug]

[Luke and Rey board the falcon. Luke puts his hand on Artoos head. Rey and Chewie get seated in front while Luke and Artoo are in second row of Falcon cockpit]

Luke:  You flew this hunk of Junk here? Where did you find it.

Chewie {Laughs}

Rey: I stole it from Unkar Plutt.

Luke: Ah yes Unkar Plutt – Lor San Tekka knew him well. Unkar looked after you when you were small.

Rey: He made me risk my life everytime I went into the Junkyard looking for spare parts.

Luke: Well Rey lets see what this old ships got.



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