Rey..I am your father


[Meditation Scene with Luke, and Yoda and Rey on Ahch-to. Luke and Yoda give Rey a glimpse of the past through a vision, which the article details. Luke and Yoda use Farsight]

Luke: Rey, I know you have many questions about your family. And you must know the truth…

Rey: What truth?

Yoda: A secret the Jedi council was hiding

Yoda: Arrogant we became.

Luke: Rey, take my hand. This may feel strange.

[Luke and Rey enter a dark chamber. Theres a single skylight illuminating the room.]

Rey: Where are we?

Luke: We are in the past.

Force Vision with the Holocron
“They see two children playing near a tree on an alien planet. The boy noticed that he had greater strength and intuition when he was closer to this tree. The girl noticed that the tree also made her brother increasingly angry. One day an argument breaks out between the children, and the boy kills the girl. The boy touches the tree and is ‘transformed’. He kills his parents and leaves the planet. Meanwhile, the girl is revealed to be alive, transformed by the tree as well, using her power to start the first Jedi Order.”

The scene continues to play out where the girl explains the force can be used for good and evil and one day, she would return (as a boy or girl) and she should be trained. Luke says the Jedi have been searching for the reincarnated one for a millennia and for a time, they thought Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vader was “The One” who would restore balance to the force.

Luke: Rey… the Jedi Order spent millennia in secret seeking out the One. We identified children, trained millions of them to use the Force, but none of them turned out to be the One. We were wrong.. Our deception resulted in the Clone Wars.

Luke: The boy turned out to be my father, Anakin Skywalker, who later became Darth Vader. As you may know from legend he helped hunt down and kill nearly every living Jedi.

Luke: Rey, I want to take you to a new place.

[A new scene appears of a woman with red hair. (Mara Jade) Shes holding a small girl in her arms]


Rey: [tears come down Reys face]    That’s my mom?

Luke: Yes during happier times

Rey: Then why does she look so sad?

Luke: You had just been identified as strong with the Force. You left to begin your training but sadly never reached your destination, and the rest you know.

Luke: Rey, I am your father.


Some backstory about Mara Jade
Renouncing the dark side of the Force, Mara Jade trained as a Jedi under Kyle Katarn and at the Jedi Academy. Her loyalties to Talon Karrde’s organization remained strong, however; she aided his smuggling operations and hoped to take over his position one day.

Mara’s dormant Force abilities re-emerged after she encountered Luke Skywalker floating helpless in space in a damaged X-wing. Forced to suppress her desire to kill Luke so Karrde could collect a bounty on their captive, Mara soon found herself fighting with Luke against the Imperials.

Mara became pregnant with Rey during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Infected with a deadly Yuuzhan Vong disease, she was near death by the end of her pregnancy. However, she, Luke, and their newborn daughter, were able to join together and heal her through the power of the Force. Kylo and the knights of Ren killed all of Lukes Jedi younglings Mara was able to kill a few of them but she was fatally wounded and Luke let her pass away in peace to become one again with the force. Luke buried her near his village on Ach-to.

Luke: Your mother was very powerful in the light and darkside of the force. Her name was Mara Jade she worked for the Emperor Palpatine. She killed many Jedi but there was one Jedi who stopped her.

Luke: [turns toward Yoda] She is the last hope for the Jedi. I promise you, Master, I won’t fail. I won’t let Rey turn to the dark side.

Yoda: Begun it has. Time we have not. Until sunset we have to find the Jedi temple or consumed by the dark side she will be.

[Yoda fades away]


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