I feel like we are being watched

[On Achto island: A Black first order probe droid pops it head up out of the water]

[Hux is on the bridge of the Finalizer]

Hux: To a commanding officer. Has the probes brought back anything?

First Order officer: Yes sir we found them

Hux: Good I will inform Ren. [Contacts Ren on a Hologram image]

Ren we found them I am sending their coordinates now

Kylo: Excellent I have been waiting for this. I will summon The Knights of Ren to join me.

Hux: Dont fail this time Ren. Supreme leader Snoke wants the girl alive. Kill skywalker.

[Rey and Luke sense trouble.]

[Rey pushes the throttle forward the falcon speeds toward the mainland Achto away from the Island.]

Rey: I think we were tracked by a probe droid.

Luke: Yes I felt it as well

Luke: Artoos, scanners are pick up two ships [to himself] This does not look good.

Rey: [to Luke] We can handle them. [She pulls out her Staff and they both head down the ramp.]

Luke: You are going to need this back [Hands her the Blue Lightsaber][She sticks the staff into the ground]

Luke: Chewie, keep your eyes open. [They land near a grassy plain AHCH-TO Mainland]…. [Kylo Ren’s ship is landing.]

[It’s dark and raining hard, just like in Rey’s vision in TFA] [Luke and Rey walk down the ramp to a grassy field overlooking the water] This is the site of the Old Dead Tree we have seen on the real set.

Luke: [draws his green lightsaber] You will pay for what you did. [He uses the Force to hurl huge rocks and crushes two of the knights]

[Kylo’s ship is just landed – 3 knights come down the ramp of Kylos ship.. Ren is right behind them.]

Kylo Ren: I see you have reunited with your  scavenger daughter, whom you abandoned.

Luke: Stand behind me Rey..[ Luke and Rey stand back to back each one looking out for the other]

Kylo: [sneers] Leader Snoke just wants the girl. Its time for you to die my old master.

[Kylo extends his hand and throws a lightening bolt over to Luke. Which sends Luke flying back]

Rey: Master you have become old and weak

Luke: Ben You will pay for what you did.

[Lukes uses the force push and throws 2 huge boulders that crush 2 of the knights]

Kylo: Stop calling me Ben that name has no meaning for me..

Rey draws her saber and attacks one of Knights.

Artoo senses sees that they are in trouble and alerts Chewie to shoot his under belly canons toward the knights.

Rey sense this and leaps into the air to avoid the laser canon fire which takes out the knight.

Kylo sees his 3 dead knights and retreats back to his Ship. He flys low and sends a few laser Canons back at the Hutts in the distance. Chewie send a blast his way but Kylo force freezes it.

Kylo: [You have been taught well..Rey only Rey hears is voice]



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