Who is in Control?

love the way this writer expresses emotion. I can visualize every word

Forced Awake

On the crumbling edge of the sinkhole, Rey thought she’d met her end. If Kylo Ren didn’t slice her in half, the planet would swallow her in its death throes. The ground beneath her feet shuddered and heaved but she was more aware of the dark energy that pulsed through the vicious lord who had her trapped.

“You need a teacher! I could show you the ways of the Force!” he growled and gritted his teeth.

But another voice, one that seemed to be in her head, was gentle and urging, unfamiliar yet familial, like a brother, uncle, or parent. “The Force, Rey. Feel it surround you, flow through you!”

“The Force,” she murmured and closed her eyes despite the peril that enveloped her.

“The Dark Side of the Force is strong,” the voice told her, “but it can never win. It will always be balanced by the Light.”


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