Star Wars Rebels “The Siege of Lothal” Analysis

Otaku in My Veins


The show began with a tone of teamwork. The fight draws the audience in while the partnership that has been perfected during season one sets up for the character dynamics to be addressed later on. But what will this new teamwork mean for the show? They’ve set up a lot of issues needed to be adressed– Ahsoka, Kana nans Hera’s relationship, Ezra’s growing power, Darth Vader’s role in the series…. It’s a mouthful, but a fantastic way to keep the audience engaged all season long.

You kill the fans with Vader’s voice dragging the action down moments later. The level of dramatic change is hard to keep up with as the audience was previously engaged with the opening scene, let alone the pure anticipation. The angles of Vader’s helmet are always facing upwards showing his authority and harsh mental state. He’s on top of the situation. Vader decides to dispose…

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