Earth 2300 – the search for truth by Drew Norman


Chapter 1 The portal is about a boy with a amazing gift. He has autism and has created a robot who helps him to connect to his world. This young boy has extreme talents in math physics and figures out a problem that has stumped man kind for years time travel. More important is how he uses his gift to help his world better understand how it originated
He has a team of friends he meets from his science team at school together they form a underground team who’s mission is to find out the truth. They named their team earth 2300. This story is narrated by the older version of the main character. Eon chan
Eon is shy barely talks so he programmed a robot named max to be his voice. I have a rough sketch of max. All of his friends have special abilities some are super natural. Max is funny and challenges eon patience a bit. Eons father works for military private sector. Eons dad Charlie can’t discuss his work at all

Charlie used to work for space program but lack of funding cut all space exploration projects.
The significance of the title is that the portal not only represents a doorway to possibilities if wormhole travel but it’s more of a metaphor that eon is slowly maturing and letting his guard down and letting people into his world.
Lite benders are ancient warriors who have the gift to warp time they control the life force of all life which is light. Eon meets these mystical warriors on his quest to find truth. Zac is eons friend and does the piloting navigating their crew thru a series of wormholes which leads them on some amazing adventures.

Stay tuned for concept drawings by Drew Norman


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