Plot details of season one finale of Star Wars Rebels “fire across the galaxy”

Rebels have surfaced, revealing the presence of three key recurring characters. Meanwhile, an art piece made for Star Wars Celebration Anaheim includes a rather intriguing detail.

Yakface uploaded a scan of March’s issue of Star Wars Insider, which features a few details about the last episode of Star Wars Rebels‘s first season: click the link to read the details.


It will not be released a week in advance on the Disney XD app, unlike previous episodes. I’m guessing that this is because they want to ensure that the maximum amount of people will be watching the episode on television when it hits. It’s also likely that they don’t want to give away who Fulcrum is in advance (and as the scan suggests, Fulcrum’s identity is not revealed in-issue), even though it’s been all but confirmed that she’s Ahsoka from the work of dilligent fan sites – but more on that later.


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