How J.J. Abrams’ 88-Second Force Awakens Teaser Reminded Me What It’s Like to Love Star Wars

We Minored in Film

How many times have you watched the new Star Wars teaser trailer? It’s already generated 40 million views, and 17 of those came from BadAssDigest’s Britt Hayes.  What makes her experience different than your’s or mine is that she did it as part of a panel at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX. A group of movie bloggers watched the trailer on the big-screen with a gathered crowd, and then they walked through the thing 16 more times to debate every single part of it. Who provided the opening voice-over (it’s Andy Serkis)? Who’s the hooded black figure with the red light saber – Adam Driver, Mark Hamill, Gwendoline Christie, or someone totally different? Why doesn’t the Millenium Falcon have the circular radar attachment anymore? What does “The Force Awakens” even mean? In her piece describing the panel experience, Hayes concluded:

You would think after watching this trailer…

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